My First Day of the Year!


These cute little shoes were give to me at my baby shower. I can’t wait for Madison to wear them!

Let me start off with introducing myself. I am a 32 year old teacher who had a baby in March. It’s now the end of August and this is officially my first day off! Well, that doesn’t count my maternity leave but counts my teaching career. As I type this my fellow teachers are sitting in a rally to meet the new superintendent and get professional development before the students arrive next week.

I feel so lucky and blessed to be home! It took a lot of planning and prep, but I am taking 1/2 year child rearing leave and 1/2 a year sabbatical. Did you know if you are a public school teacher you can take an educational or medical sabbatical every 10 years? I didn’t, until a friend suggested it. I thought sabbaticals were for fancy college professors.

This year is going to be a wonderful adventure with my now 5 month old baby girl, Madison. I wish I could stay home until she goes to school, but I need the health benefits, not to mention I will miss teaching. I’ve opted for taking an educational sabbatical, so I need 9 credits which I will take in the spring at an online university.

In this blog I will be detailing my life as a stay at home mom. Sometimes I’ll share what happened today, funny things my daughter did, recipes, baby gear, and more! I look forward to this coming year and sharing my adventures as a stay at home mom for a year 🙂